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  • Readability Information Added for All Series
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    |Views : 1,086 | Date : June 17, 2019 2:29 AM EST
  • Looking for the right Little Fox series for your reader? Little Fox has added readability information based on ATOS® Book Level results for all series!

    • What is ATOS?

    ATOS is a readability formula developed by Renaissance Learning Inc. ATOS results show the overall readability of an English text selection by analyzing the words, sentence lengths, and overall text complexity. Little Fox has added ATOS Book Level results for all of our series.

    Each ATOS result is assigned in relation to grades in U.S. schools. For example, an ATOS result of 3.5 means that the text is suitable for a student with reading skills in the third grade during the fifth month of school. Little Fox has chosen to highlight ATOS results since they are simple and easy to understand.

    • What is readability?

    A text's readability refers to how easily a reader can read and understand the text. Over the years, educators and reading specialists have created several formulas to measure the readability of text. Thanks to advances in technology and research, new formulas have been developed to measure readability. 

    Readability formulas, like ATOS, the Lexile® Framework for Reading, and the Fountas & Pinnell Text Level Gradient™, are a measurement of written text. When choosing the right series for readers, readability formulas are just one factor to consider. The age, ability, and interests of an individual reader are equally important factors to consider. 

    • How do readability formulas apply to Little Fox?

    As a leveled-reading program, we are including ATOS results and correlation to provide broad information that may be useful for our users. Little Fox is used for diverse purposes around the world, at home or in the classroom, for EFL, ESL, reading recovery, special needs, and even just for fun. 

    Little Fox stories go beyond written text with our audiovisual animated stories. Readability formulas do not account for additional understanding that readers may have when watching or listening to Little Fox stories.