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Animated Stories for English Learners

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Little Fox is not a typical leveled reading program. We immerse learners in a world of English with thrilling animated stories.
Our 9-level curriculum builds vocabulary and fluency in a natural and authentic way—just like learning a first language.
Experience it for yourself with our free content.

Series Stories (357 free stories out of 3,700 stories)

  • Tire Town School

    1 단계

    72 stories (8 free)

    Dump truck Eddy makes new friends at Tire Town School. For early readers.

  • Tire Town School

    2 단계

    72 stories (9 free)

    Bird and Kip are best friends and live in the same tree. For beginning readers.

  • Tire Town School

    4 단계

    138 stories (8 free)

    Roxy saves the day as Metro City’s number one superhero. For intermediate readers.

  • Tire Town School

    5 단계

    108 stories (10 free)

    An adaptation of a classic Chinese novel. For intermediate to advanced readers.

Single Stories (45 free stories out of 666 stories)

Songs (46 free songs out of 367 songs)

Games (24 free games out of 200 games)

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