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Little Fox is not a typical leveled reading program. We immerse learners in a world of English with thrilling animated stories.
Our 9-level curriculum builds vocabulary and fluency in a natural and authentic way—just like learning a first language.
Experience it for yourself with our free content.

Series Stories (342 free stories out of 3,340 stories)

  • Tire Town School

    1 단계

    72 stories (8 free)

    Dump truck Eddy makes new friends at Tire Town School. For early readers.

  • Bird and Kip

    2 단계

    72 stories (9 free)

    Bird and Kip are best friends and live in the same tree. For beginning readers.

  • Rocket Girl

    4 단계

    84 stories (8 free)

    Roxy saves the day as Metro City’s number one superhero. For intermediate readers.

  • Journey to the West

    5 단계

    108 stories (10 free)

    An adaptation of a classic Chinese novel. For intermediate to advanced readers.

  • Single Stories (45 free stories out of 647 stories)

    Songs (43 free songs out of 330 songs)

    Games (23 free games out of 201 games)

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