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Badges, Certificates, and Points

  • What are Learning Points and how do I earn them?
    Learning Points refer to points earned from viewing animated stories or reading eBooks.
    - How to earn Learning Points
    ① View an animated story or read an eBook from beginning to end.
    ② Using the Replay or Read Again button to view an animated story or read an eBook again.
    ③ Viewing animated stories using autoplay mode.
    - When Learning Points are not awarded
    ① Learning Points are not awarded when an animated story or eBook is played at a speed faster than its default running time.
    ※ Points awarded by Running Time
    80 sec. (1 min. 20 sec.) or less: 1 point
    81-160 sec. (2 min. 40 sec.): 2 points
    161-240 sec. (4 min.): 3 points
    241-320 sec. (5 min. and 20 sec.): 4 points
    321-400 sec. (6 min. and 40 sec.): 5 points
    401-480 sec. (8 min.): 6 points
    481-560 sec. (9 min. 20 sec.): 7 points
    561-640 sec. (10 min. 40 sec.): 8 points
    641-720 sec. (12 min.): 9 points
    721 sec. (12 min.) or more: 10 points
  • Can I change the badge character?
    You cannot change the badge character once chosen. You must continue to use selected character. Once you complete the series for that character, you can choose a new character for a new badge for that series.
  • How many correct answers on a quiz count for a "Good" rating to get a badge?
    The number of correct responses depends on the quiz's level, so it can be 5, 7, or 10 correct. The score to get a "Good" rating on a quiz also depends on the level. See the following chart.
    퀴즈 GOOD 정답 안내 표
    Number of
    Quiz Questions
    Correct for
    Correct for
    Very Good
    Correct for
    Correct for
    Try Again
    5 5 4 3 less than 3
    7 7 6 4 or 5 less than 4
    10 10 9 7 or 8 less than 7
  • What are the stars on the Series Master Badge?
    When you watch a complete series and get "Good" or better score on the quizzes you receive the series master badge. When you complete the badge the first time you get 1 star. If you continually listen to the story and complete the badge requirements, you will receive an extra star to your badge.
  • I completed the quiz but didn't receive a badge.
    Your quiz score needs to be "Good" or better and you must save your quiz results to receive the badge.
  • I don't see my certificates.
    To see your certificates you must have Adobe Reader installed. Also, having Adove Reader will let you print the certificates.

    Go to the link below to download Adobe Reader

Technical Help

  • What are the operating system and browser requirements for Little Fox?
    Little Fox works on computers running Windows 8 and Windows 10 or Mac OS. Little Fox is not supported on Chromebooks or devices running the Chrome operating system.

    - Windows 10: Chrome 70+, Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox 42+, Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, Safari
    - Windows 8: Chrome 70+
    - Mac OS: Chrome 70+, Firefox 42+, Opera, Vivaldi, Safari
  • I can't open a Printable Book, what should I do?
    Chrome Users:
    • If the Printable Book won't open, please click here.

    Internet Explorer Users:
    • We recommend that you install the latest version of the Adobe Reader program. Please click here to install.

    Firefox Users:
    • We recommend that you install the latest version of the Adobe Reader program. Please click here to install.
  • I'm a Google Chrome user. I clicked the Play button but a new window won't open. What should I do?
    Google Chrome prevents pop-ups from automatically appearing and cluttering your screen. Whenever the browser blocks pop-ups for a site, the x icon appears in the address bar. To see blocked pop-ups for the Little Fox site, follow the steps below:
    • • If pop-ups have been blocked, you'll see the x icon in the address bar. Click the icon to see a list of the blocked pop-ups.
    • • Select "Always show pop-ups from [www.littlefox.com]."
    • • Refresh or reload the web page.
    • • Click the play icon again.

Mobile Help