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  • New Series: Rocket Girl’s Galaxy Squad Adventure
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    |Views : 2,714 | Date : May 30, 2022 8:11 PM EST
  • Adventures in the Galaxy Every Wednesday!

    The new Little Fox series Rocket Girl’s Galaxy Squad Adventure (Level 5, 24 Chapters) begins on Wednesday, June 8.

    When the powerful villain Meltron threatens to take over the galaxy, even Rocket Girl can’t stop him alone. She brings her friends and a former villain to make a team, the Galaxy Squad. Will the Galaxy Squad be able to destroy Meltron and save the day?

    Join the Galaxy Squad starting June 8, with a new chapter every Wednesday!

    • Rocket Girl

    • Sun Wukong

    • Kid Comet

    • Dr. Odd

    • Meltron

    • Bippo

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