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  • New Series: The Adventures of Robin Hood
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  • Join Robin Hood and His Merry Men Every Tuesday!

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    Little Fox's new series The Adventures of Robin Hood (Level 6, 24 Chapters) begins on Tuesday, November 26. This series tells the legend of Robin Hood, the outlaw hero from English folklore.

    A gifted young archer, Robin is forced to become an outlaw after a clash with the king's men. Luckily Robin isn't the only outlaw in Sherwood Forest. Together with his band of merry men, Robin brings justice to the poor and powerless by stealing from the rich and fighting against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham.

    Learn how Robin became a legend starting November 26, with a new chapter every Tuesday!

    • Robin Hood

      Robin Hood

    • Little John

      Little John

    • Friar Tuck

      Friar Tuck

    • The Merry Men

      The Merry Men

    • Will Scarlet

      Will Scarlet

    • The Sheriff of Nottingham

      The Sheriff of

    • King Henry

      King Henry

    • Queen Eleanor

      Queen Eleanor

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