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  • Schedule of New Releases in December 2019
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  • New releases in December 2019 are scheduled as below:

    Day Level Title Detail
    MON -

    New Song 

    Monday, December 9

     Joy to the World 2 

    Enjoy a new version of a joyful classic Christmas carol! (Song)

    Monday, December 30

     Phonics Songs - Final Song

    Alligator is this your ax? Bear, Bear, make me a boat. Little Fox is releasing brand new Phonics Songs starting Monday, October 7. Tune in every Monday for a new letter!

    TUE 6

     The Adventures of Robin Hood

    Robin Hood and his band of merry men bring justice to the poor and powerless in old England. (Series, 24 Chapters)

    WED 4

     Rocket Girl

    Eight year-old Roxy is Metro City's number one superhero, Rocket Girl! Join Rocket Girl as she saves Metro City from all sorts of evils in a new season of this Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)

    THU 2

    Thursday, December 12

     Meet the Animals - Final Episode

    Meet the Animals Season 2 introduces kids to cool, wild animals with real photos and easy-to-understand sentences, to increase their knowledge of nature. Created by Little Fox (24 stories in total)


    New Series 

    Thursday, December 19

     Who Am I?

    This series provide clues about everyday jobs. As readers try to guess the job, they learn and practice key vocabulary words! A Little Fox original series! (24 Episodes)

    FRI 1

     Dino Buddies

    Rex, Sara, Sid, and Tor are four dinosaur friends. What fun adventures will these four friends have in this Little Fox original series? (24 Episodes)

     ※ "Joy to the World 2" will be released on Monday, December 9. 

     ※ Phonics Songs will continue every Monday from December 16 to December 30, ending with letter L. Phonics Songs will resume in June 2020 for letters M-Z.

     ※ The detailed publishing schedule for December 2019 will be available on December 1. 

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