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"I have been looking for an animation website that provides videos without subtitles to learn English as a second language. I believe that studying English through videos exposes us to the language, and it helps with language usage and development. Although there are other resources such as English movies and drama series, I find that they are not the best way to learn English because they are not strictly made for language learning. Also, movies and drama series usually contain Mandarin subtitles so they don’t help with developing listening skills. That is why I was relieved to have found Little Fox. Little Fox definitely follows its philosophy of making English learning fun by providing a wide variety of animated stories and songs which are categorized into different levels. If we want to focus on practicing our listening skills, we can watch the stories by movie. The skills I have gained from Little Fox are skills I could not have received from school or other learning resources. As a member who began to study English at the age of thirty, I can say with confidence that Little Fox is the best tool for language learners. All learners, whether they are children, students, or adults, will find animated stories and resources that are suitable to them. I hope you will improve and expand your English skills with Little Fox!"
Liu Huawei, Little Fox Member, China
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