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  • New Season: Cora's Compass
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    |Views : 979 | Date : May 16, 2024 8:00 PM EST
  • More Fun Underwater Adventures Every Friday!

    Little Fox's original series Cora's Compass (Level 2, 24 Episodes) is back! A new season begins on Friday, May 24.

    Cora is a friendly, brave octopus who protects her home Rainbow Reef, with the help of her friends and a magic compass. What fun and exciting adventures will Cora have this time?

    Join Cora and her underwater friends, including the porcupine fish Mo, the dolphin Mandy, and more!

    • Cora

    • Mo

    • Sasha

    • Walt

    • Clive

    • Mandy

    • Star

    • Stan

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