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  • New Series: The Story of Hong Gildong
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    |Views : 1,103 | Date : Apr 02, 2024 7:00 PM EST
  • The Adventures of a Gifted Child, Hong Gildong

    The new Little Fox series The Story of Hong Gildong (Level 4, 24 Chapters), an adaptation of a classic Korean story, begins on Wednesday, April 10.

    Hong Gildong is the son of a powerful official but his mother was a servant. Due to his low birth in a noble family, he faces discrimination and mistreatment. He decides to leave home to seek a new life; to do good in the world by punishing greedy officials and helping the poor.

    Will Gildong be able to find his own destiny? Follow his exciting adventures every Wednesday!

    • Hong Gildong

    • Lord Hong

    • Mongdol

    • Lady Yoo

    • Inhyun

    • The King

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