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  • Schedule of New Releases in November 2023
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    |Views : 564 | Date : Oct 22, 2023 7:00 PM EST
  • New releases in November 2023 are scheduled as below:

    Day Level Title Detail

    Birthday Fairies

    Bumble, Feather, Hob, and Sprite are birthday fairies with an important job: granting birthday wishes! (24 Episodes)


    Ally on Earth, Season 2

    Exciting adventures on Earth with Ally the Astralian!


    Rocket Girl

    When evil aliens or villains cause trouble in Metro City, Roxy becomes Rocket Girl and saves the day!

    THU 7

    Red Magic: The Dawn of Magic

    Follow Zann and Perda's mysterious adventures in a strange new world in the ancient dark times. (50 Chapters)

    FRI 2

    Cora's Compass

    Get ready for Cora and Mo's exciting adventures in Rainbow Reef!

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