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  • New Series: Cora's Compass
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    |Views : 1,930 | Date : June 29, 2023 7:30 PM EST
  • Get ready for fun, underwater adventures with Cora!

    Little Fox’s new series Cora’s Compass (Level 2, 24 Episodes), begins on Friday, July 7.

    Cora is a friendly, brave octopus who lives in Rainbow Reef. She loves her home and always tries to protect it, but it isn’t easy.

    One day after a big storm, Cora discovers a magic compass. With the help of the compass, Cora and her best friend, porcupinefish Mo, are always ready to keep their friends safe in Rainbow Reef!

    Join Cora and Mo’s adventures starting July 7, with a new episode every Friday!

    • Cora

    • Mo

    • Sasha

    • Rita

    • Walt

    • Octo

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