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  • New Season: Red Magic
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  • New Magical Adventures with Zann and His Friends
    Every Thursday!

    The Little Fox original series Red Magic is back! The Dawn of Magic (Level 7, 50 Chapters) begins on Thursday, January 26.

    Zann has been living peacefully in First City ever since Morb was captured. Perda, now interested in the ancient history of Magica, becomes intrigued by a riddle about the mysterious Wormwood tree. Using the riddle as a guide, Zann and Perda find a new wormhole that leads to a strange new world.

    What lost secrets will they discover on their journey? Follow Zann and Perda on more magic adventures every Thursday, starting January 26!

    • Zann

    • Perda

    • Gliss

    • Darb

    • Zing

    • Mellis

    • Vilkor

    • Zira

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