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  • Notice of End of Service for Little Fox Storybook Apps
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    |Views : 961 | Date : Dec 01, 2021 11:29 PM EST
  • We are sad to announce the end of service for Little Fox Storybook Apps on March 31, 2022.

    Our Storybook Apps featured single Little Fox series for smartphones and tablets. Sales of these apps was discontinued in December 2019. After these apps were no longer available to download, users who had previously downloaded the apps were able to continue using them. Due to a rapidly changing mobile environment, we have reluctantly decided to discontinue service for Storybook Apps. Users will no longer be able to use or access Storybook Apps after service has ended. 

    Users will continue to be able to use the apps until the above listed date. All stories that were available through our storybook apps, plus access to our full collection of animated stories and songs, are available with a Little Fox subscription.

    We deeply apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, and we thank users who have enjoyed the Storybook Apps. 

    For questions or more information, please contact app.support@littlefox.com.

    Affected Little Fox Storybook Apps:

    A Little Princess, Aladdin, Bat and Friends, Bird and Kip, Black Beauty, English Songs for Kids, Fun at Kids Central, Journey to the West 1, Journey to the West 2, Magic Marker, Meet the Animals, Monster Academy, People in the News, Peter Pan, Red Magic 1: The Battle for Magica, Rocket Girl, South Street School, The Adventures of Pinocchio, Thumbelina, Tire Town School 1, Wizard and Cat, Wizard of Oz.

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