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  • Schedule of New Releases in February 2021
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    |Views : 224 | Date : Jan 19, 2021 11:21 PM EST
  • New releases in February 2021 are scheduled as below: 

    Day Level Title Detail
    MON 3

    Jack and the Beanstalk

    What adventures—and dangers—await Jack when he climbs up a beanstalk into a magic world? (24 Episodes)

    TUE 7

    Little Men

    ‘Meet the students of Jo March's Plumfield School in the heartwarming sequel to Little Women, adapted from the classic novel by Louisa May Alcott.

    WED 4

    Rocket Girl

    Eight year-old Roxy is Metro City's number one superhero, Rocket Girl! Join Rocket Girl as she saves Metro City from all sorts of evils in a new season of this Little Fox original series. (24 Episodes)  

    THU 8

    February 4 

    Final Episode

    Superstars in History

    Join host Faye Moss each week as she interviews a special famous guest straight from history in this Little Fox original series!   


    February 11

    Skiing Cliffhanger

    Skiing is a popular sport. Have you ever wondered why ski slopes have soft, pretty white snow? Go behind the scenes with Kai and Zinnia at her aunt's ski resort to find out all about a ski resort.

    (Single Story)

    February 18

    Christmas Socks and Stocks

    Jacob is surprised at his grandparents' Christmas present: stocks! Join Jacob as he spends a year learning about investing in the stock market.

    (Single Story)

    February 25

    The Demo

    Tim isn't excited to spend time with his cousin Andre, until he works with Andre on making a song. Join Tim and Andre as they make their demo together.

    (Single Story)

    FRI 1

    February 5

    Who Is Working?

    Learn about different jobs and see who is working. What do you want to be when you grow up? (Single Story) 


    February 12 

    New Stories

    Space Patrol

    Small but smart Ringo is a new Space Patrol rookie, but does he have what it takes to do the job? Luckily his trusty robot, Bot, is always there to help him. (24 Episodes). 

    ※ Little Fox will not publish a new story on February 1. 

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