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    Little Men

    Little Fox's new series Little Men (Level 7, 24 Chapters) begins on Tuesday, November 3. This sequel to Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women continues the story of Jo March and the school she opened at the end of Little Women. Plumfield is no ordinary school and there aren't too many rules. There isn't even much studying! Nat Blake, an orphan, arrives at Plumfield School and gets a warm welcome from Jo and the other students. Just as Nat settles in, he invites his friend from the streets, Dan, to Plumfield. Dan causes trouble right away. Will he tear everyone apart? Experience the highs and lows of the March family and Plumfield School students in this heartwarming sequel to a beloved classic. Little Men starts on November 3, with a new chapter every Tuesday.

    • Jo

    • Professor Bauer

    • Nat

    • Tommy

    • Dan

    • Nan

    • Jack

    • Daisy

    • Demi

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