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  • Schedule of New Releases in April 2019
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  • New releases in April 2019 are scheduled as below:

    Day Level Title Detail
    MON 1


    Sing along with Freddy and Samia as they play and sing together in animated adventures!

    TUE 6

    Tuesday, April 23 

    Final Chapter

     Daddy Longlegs

    Judy Abbot is a young orphan whose life changes when a mysterious sponsor pays for her to go to college. Adapted from the classic novel by Jean Webster. (32 Chapters)  

    Tuesday, April 30 

    New Season 

     Monster Academy

    At Monster Academy, strange things are always happening at the school. Ben, Winnie, Mr. Freaky and all your favorite monsters and people are back for a brand new season of this Little Fox original series. (30 Chapters)  

    WED 4

     Fun at Kids Central

    Join Nina, Izzie, Bobby, Jason, and Ethan for afterschool crafts, cooking, and games with Miss Shelley at Kids Central! (24 Episodes)

    THU 5

    Thursday, April 4 

     Working Things Out

    When Maddie gets angry at her friend Gage, will she find a way to work things out? (Single Story) 

    Thursday, April 11   

     The Fundraiser

    Can a school club find a way to raise money for a trip to a spring festival? (Single Story)


    Thursday, April 18

     Inside a Submarine

    Follow Nick on a tour of a navy submarine with his cousin Orson! (Single Story)

    Thursday, April 25 

     The Soccer Bully

    Sean is excited for soccer tryouts until a bully gives him a hard time. Will Sean find a way to deal with the bully? (Single Story)

    FRI 2

     The World of Peter Rabbit  and Friends

    Peter Rabbit is back! Enjoy more fun adventures with the classic characters adapted from the works of Beatrix Potter. (24 Episodes)

     ※ The new song series Sing-Alongs will begin on Monday, April 1, with a new sing-along every Monday. The new season of Monster Academy will begin on Tuesday, April 1, with a new episode every Tuesday. 

     ※ The detailed publishing schedule for April 2019 will be available on April 1.

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