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  • New Season: Fun at Kids Central
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  • Fun at Kids Central

    Crafts, games, cooking, and more! A new season of the Little Fox original series Fun at Kids Central (Level 4, 24 Episodes) begins on Wednesday, January 30.

    Nina, Izzie, Jason, Bobby, and Ethan are back for more after-school fun and games! Miss Shelly always has a new activity for the kids at Kids Central. Follow along as the kids cook, learn crafts, and play games. Each episode includes detailed Do It Yourself instructions!

    What will the kids do at Kids Central this season? Find out starting January 30, with a new episode every Tuesday! And on Wednesday, January 23, the new song "Fun at Kids Central" will be released. Get ready for 24 new episodes of Fun at Kids Central with all the characters from the series in this fun new song!

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