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  • Notice of Changes to App Service and Payment Methods
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    |Views : 715 | Date : Jan 07, 2019 9:31 PM EST
  • * Applies to members who made a payment through the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
    This February, as part of Little Fox’s planned app revitalization project, we will be changing our apps to a member-only service and changing available billing methods.
    If you are currently using the in-app purchase or subscription service in a Little Fox app, after becoming a member, please change your payment method to website pay. 
    After becoming a member, you will be able to access Little Fox on your PC, tablet, smartphone, and a variety of other devices. 

    [Service Change Summary] Effective February 2019
    - Users with current in-app or subscription purchases will no longer be able to use the Little Fox app after changes are implemented.
    - Current Little Fox users who have subscribed and made payment using the Little Fox website or mobile website will not be affected.

    [Member Transition and Payment Method]
    ① Stop subscription or in-app purchases and terminate the in-app billing service period.
    ② Register as a paid-member on the Little Fox website or mobile website.
    ③ Using your member ID, you can log-in and use Little Fox on your PC, tablet, smartphone, etc., and a variety of other devices.

    Little Fox Website: Email ID Login
    Little Fox App Login Method: Profile Picture > Sign In > Email ID Login

    Subscription and Payment :

    For questions or support please contact us at

    Thank you.