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    |Views : 385 | Date : Sept 22, 2020 1:54 AM EST

  • From Tuesday, September 27 to Tuesday, October 27, we will be releasing five new Level 6 single stories according to the following schedule: 

    - Tagging Monarchs - Tuesday, September 27 

    Cody's new neighbor teaches him all about how monarch butterflies migrate. 

    - Look Up from Your Cell Phone! - Tuesday, October 6 

    A community safety problem gives Peter an idea for his art project. But can Peter convince his school's principal that the problem is serious? 

    - Titanic: The Story Lives On - Tuesday, October 13 

    The world was stunned when the Titanic sank, but the tragic ship's story didn't stop there. Learn all about how the world's most famous ship was finally discovered. 

    - Baking Magic - Tuesday, October 20 

    Middle-child Laura never seems to get any attention from her family. Will a mysterious recipe from her Great-Grandmother give her a taste of what she wants? 

    - Old-School Basketball - Tuesday, October 27 

    How is basketball different today than it was over a hundred years ago? Find out with Briana as Mrs. Farrow explains all about it!

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