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The Tale of Benjamin Bunny 3: A Walk in the Garden
Benjamin held up Peter's handkerchief.
"We can carry onions in this," said Benjamin.
He put it on the ground.
Benjamin went into an onion patch.
He pulled up an onion. Shloomp!
"This is a nice one!" said Benjamin.
He pulled up another onion.
Peter looked around.
His nose wiggled.
Benjamin pulled up more onions.
He rolled them onto the handkerchief.
"Let's go," said Peter. "This garden isn't safe."
"It's fine," said Benjamin.
"I come here all the time with Father."
He ate a lettuce leaf. "Mmm," said Benjamin. "Yummy!"
Benjamin walked deeper into the garden.
Peter grabbed the handkerchief.
He ran after his cousin.
"What was that noise?" asked Peter.
"Is the farmer coming?"
"It's nothing," said Benjamin.
Benjamin kept walking.
Peter followed.
They walked past flowerpots and garden tools.
Suddenly Benjamin gasped. "I see a cat!"
He and Peter slipped under a basket.
They waited.
Sniff, sniff. Sniff, sniff.
The cat jumped onto the basket.
Then she sat down.
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